Looking forward towards a life in 3000 AD- a stage, in Civilization, where your thoughts will turn into Astonishing Reality within seconds. How about advancing the Civilization by almost thousand years – precisely 980 years. Does this Sound absurd? No! As the history recalls, and with the recent past history of Indian Innovative Minds and Culture, which is been proved in the recent Past Developments; the Jaju Consortium also does not think so!

We dream a City that fulfills every need of a Modern human essentials, as Fortune Life- from Education to Financials to Recreations– to sum up every need from Birth to Death by the “Year 2020” and to Move towards 3000 AD - “This is a Vision for Modern India”

The Projected Cities are well Connected by all major Cities in India as well with the major Cities of the World through all means such as Modern International Existing and Proposed Airports, Railways, International Standard Express Highways and yes last but not the least through Information Technology which Connects from North to South – East to West of India and also the World. The Corporate Friendly Policies of these Projected Locations have attracted huge Investments both from Modern and Traditional Economies.

These Projected and Preferred Destinations for the Cream of the Knowledge Work Force in India, the majority of the Fortune Firms & Establishments have out sourced Business Processes to these Cities, many of them prefer to have Business Centers, Outlets and Offices for Administration or Marketing Resources.

We commit to bring Revolution in the Field of Education, Economics and also with the Corruption less Administrative Professionals and Crimeless Culture & Senses by giving Modern Outlook to OUR ANCIENT CULTURE and by maintaining TRADITION.


Jaju Consortium have Proposed to Establish Integrated Satellite Township Project in Uttar Pradesh, the Emergent State of India by providing physical, social, educational, environmental and economic infra-structure including utility and amenity Services. We have put in a Valiant effort to upgrade the Infrastructure and to provide new Rural & Urban Infrastructure Developments by keeping various important aspects in concern like Water Supply Facilities, Electricity Supply, Sewerage, Drainage and Sanitations, Recycling, Traffic, Transportation, Area Developments for Residential - Non Residential Purpose, Commercial Developments, etc.  The Project, which shall meet International Standard of Construction, is bound to change the Skyline of the State and the Real Estate Scenario as well. The Project is expected to provide Quality Housing within economical cost and range.

The Metropolitan Development of Prime Cities in India awaits, as Jaju Consortium is proudly giving thoughtful attention towards the Plan of setting up of the Integrated Satellite Townships and Commercial Projects in India at different Cities under their Plan with full fledged Modernization along with vast chunk of Infrastructure Facilities.

This Modern Infrastructure is planned, to develop, under very economical cost and conditions, quiet conducive and vital to progressive development, as well as the growth of Green Cities in different States of India.

The said expansion of the Prime Green Cities to the future Developing Patternized Integrated Satellite Cities would also go a long way in Decentralization of the Heavy Concentration of Population in the crowded cities, which has been causing tremendous burden over the already strained Resources. The Conceptual New Schemes, Prospective Project would equally achieve more balanced and Stabilized Progress of the main cities itself and the States as a step towards its identity as the Best Metropolitan Cities of Asia.

Jaju Consortium has engaged the services of renowned Architects and Engineers of India, UK, Germany and Australia, to design and plan the proposed Patternized Satellite Township and Commercial Centers with latest and Modern Amenities & Infrastructures.

Jaju Consortium has engaged professionals. i.e. Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Solicitors for Legal & Financial Management and Administration  of the Consortium.


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